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Welcome to the Sims 2 Adult Neighbourhood Tutorial - STEP 03

Building the Neighbourhood itself.
Populating the Hood

Before we start to build our Lots, we have to make custom Townies and NPC. Cause the Game needs them and we dont't want the ugly ones. This will take it's time, but it's worth every Hour.

1. Make Custom Townies.
  • First download TeleporterShrubPlus.zip from here
  • Open "The Sims 2" got to our new Neighbourhood and build an empty Home. Plant the TeleporterShrub there. You find it under Build/Garden/Bushes.
  • Build a new Family with eight beautifull Sims. You find a bunchload of them here on my Site. Name the Family Test01. Name the Members 01-08

  • Move them to the empty Home. Press Pause
  • Select each Sim and click on the Bush
  • Choose "Make me a Townie". Press Play. Press Pause after 5 Seconds.
  • Save the Lot and leave the Game.
  • Do NOT more than one Family at a Time

  • Open SimPE
  • Choose "Tools/Neighbourhood/Neighbourhood Browser" and select Sinford, press OK- wait till its loaded.
  • Go on "Family Information" in the Resource Tree. You see Test01 is double. When you click them, one has empty Family Members, the other is full. Rightclick on the empty one and choose "delete". It is now striked through. Press "File/Save" and it's gone.
  • Got to "Sim Relations" in the Resource Tree an delete all Files.
  • Choose "Tools/Neighbourhood/Sim Browser" and doubleclick the first Sim. Make sure Townies is checked

  • Give the Sim any Name you like
  • I use Lists from the net, with 100 popular Names and Surenames
  • Leave the Rest untouched

  • Choose a Career - or the Game will do

  • Make sure only "Related" is checked. All Sims have a Simley in the left Corner.
  • Rightclick on every Sim and select "Remove Relation to..."

  • Edit the Interests.
  • With "Max All" all will be maxed.

  • Edit the Charcter
  • With "Max All" all will be maxed.
  • Edit the sexual Orientation. In the Image above you see a highly interested bisexual Woman.

  • Edit the Skills.
  • With "Max All" all will be maxed.
  • You can edit a lot more, but this is not needed.
  • Click "Commit" and save the File with "File/Save". Do this with all eight Sims.

  • Go to "File/Open" open the "N00x_User00000.package" from the Folder "EA Games/Sims 2/Neighborhood/Number of your Neighbourhood/Characters"
  • Click "jpg/tga/png Image" from the Resource List. The Image of the Sim apears. Click "Export" on the Right of the Picture Viewer
  • Save it as 0000.png. Do this with all 8 Files from 0000 to 0007
  • The Games will delete them with the next Batch, so we can load them again later

  • This Procedure will need about one hour.
  • You need at least 32 Townies
  • Mix em as you like. I do 16 AF, 16 TF, 8 AM & 8 TM
  • When you have done the last Batch, open one of the last Sims, wich has an Image
  • Rightclick in the Resource List on both "jpg/tga/png Image" and select "Extract"
  • Open the First Sim in the List: "N00x_User00000.package".
  • Rightclick anywhere in the Resource List and select "Add" add both exported xml Files
  • Rightclick the "jpg/tga/png Image" with the Image and select "Replace" chosse the Image wuth the same Number, that we exported before
  • We are done! Now we have beautifull custom Townies in our Hood"
  • Go to the Game and delete the Lot

Week 10
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