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Welcome to the Sims 2 Adult Neighbourhood Tutorial - STEP 02

Building the Neighbourhood itself.
Building a nice custom Hood 4 your custom Sims

First Step is to think about wich kind of Neighborhood you want to do. I have allready done this - so....
Here e go! Let's make Sinford.


You can take a Map, that comes with the Game - if you want - but I wanted something special.
You can get a lot of individual Maps here. And I choose Twikkii Island - Expanded a tropical Island.
  • To install, unzip and place all files in My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/SC4Terrains
I also wanted different Streets and no Cars
  • Make a new Sub-Folder in your Downloads-Folder - name it "!0002-Hoods_Mods"
  • Download Country Roads to "!01-Hoods_Mods" and unzip it
  • Download NoNH-traffic.rar to "!01-Hoods_Mods" and unzip it
OK! Here we go - Fire Up the Sims 2 Game!
  • Create a new Niegbourhood
  • Choose Twikkii Island - Expanded and Grassland
  • Name it "Sinford Isle"
  • Copy the Sinford Description from the First Site of this Tutorial

We now have a beautifull Island to decorate with Palmtrees, Coral Reefs and other Tropical Stuff.


The first Buildings are the Istitutions. (We will use Hacks to make them realy work - see in the next Sections)
  • Kindergarden/DayCare
  • Elementay School
  • High School
  • Police Station with Jail (wich is more for Roleplay Issues in Sinford ;))
  • Firestation
  • Hospital
Next will be the Comunity Lots (wich are owned by Huff Hughner and played with OfB)
  • Two Restaurants
  • NightClub with Discotheque
  • Beach Bar
  • Shopping Mall
  • Sauna & Spa
  • Beauty Salon
And last but not least
  • Residental Lots

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