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Classic Pinup - Teen Sim - Details

Teen Female Sim in Classic Pinup Size
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Classic Pinup Clothing Details
Classic Pinup Clothing Details
Comment: This File is Part of the Sinford Neighbourhood Projekt. To provide a custom Neighbourhood with beautifull Sim-Girls.
All Sims come with genetisized and towniefied Skin, Eyes and Hair, and the Hair is pookleted when ever possible.

  • Skintone: Cenor's CP Multiskin 22
  • Intern-Filename: 121_TF_SK022
  • Hair New Sea J048
  • Haircolor Black

  • Note:
  • It is impossible to give Credit for all the Make-Up used because of the Filenames. Sorry!

Do with the Files, what ever you like, but please do not post the Original-Files elsewhere. Under no circumstances use my Files 4 Paysites!
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Week 10
02nd - 08th March 2014 Classic Pinup Maid Outfit Week 07
10th - 16th February 2014 Classic Pinup Maid Outfit Classic Pinup Teen Sims