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Sinford Sims 2 - FAQ - Frequnetly Asked Questions

Please red this before you ask any Questions in Forum.
Can you Do this 4 other Bodyshapes?
  • I could, but I won't. This took me nearly 2 Years, since I first started and is far from complete.
    When I have done all the Meshes I need 4 doin any Clothing I have in Mind, I will do Recolours and Edits.
    I do not play with different Bodyshapes in my Game. I use CP as an improved MAXIS-Shape.
    More than one Bodyshapes makes the DL-Folder explode and slows down the Game.
    There is another Bodyshape I'm working on, but this will take time.

Can I request Meshes and Recolors?
  • Yes you can ;) - Register to my Forum and feel free to request. Read the Rulez there.

Is there a Newsletter that informs me on Updates?
  • I thought about it. But decieded against it.
    Just subscribe to the "Updates"-Thread in my Forum and allow the System to send You E-Mails.

How often will this Site be updateted?
  • I plan on doin it every Week, but I have a Job and a Life. So when I'm in the mood I'll do alot, and sometimes I won't.
    If nothing happes here or I not answer Questions on the Forum, this means not, that I'm gone (hope so ;)). I'm just busy. Make sure to subscripe to the Updates-Thread on the Forum.

Are these Files identical with the Uploads on B.A.S.?
  • Some are, others are improved. Better you get this Version.

Can I request another Filehoster? This one is not free.
  • No you can't. And it is free. The Files are small.
    I have nearly thousand Files to handle, so I need a professional Hoster (with FTP-Upload, Folder-Handling and Stats), wich don't delete my Files 4 no Reason or cause they are not been downloaded or a while.
    I pay 4 this. You don't need to. I have a Pay-Account there anyway. This Site is payed till End of 2014 and will not run away. But I can't pay the Traffic for the Downlods.
    So this was the only Option. Therefore no Spam on this site.

Can I use the Items in my Downloads? Custom Sims 4 Example?
  • Sure. Credit would be nice.

Why are yout texts so funny?
  • Cause english is not my native Language. I do my best ;)

Week 10
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