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Welcome to the Sims 2 Adult Neighbourhood Tutorial

Step by Step: How Sinford is made.
Tired about Pleasantville?

Sims 2 is closed. Wich means MAXIS can do no more harm to all the Stuff a Legion of Hobbiist have build to make this Game better and mor complex.
This Tutorial not only explanes how to design a realy custom Neighbouthood, with only beautifull and individual Sims, it also will help to include all the Hacks and Editions made by the talented Modders of the Sims Comunity.

You will have a different Game with lots of Features not included in the Original Game and EPs.
The full Power of the best Sims Game ever: Sims 2.
  • Working Hospital with Hospital Births
  • Working Kindergarden/Pre-school/DayCare
  • Working Elementary School/Junior High School
  • Working High School
  • Individual designed University
  • Working Prison & Policestation
  • Working Firestation
  • Real sexual behaviour with explicit Animations
  • Posibility to visit other Sims Households
  • Only with individual Sims with attractive Bodyshapes and anatomicly correct Bodyparts (like Nipples and erectable Penises)
  • Improved Gameplay with non conflicting Hacks

Because a bunchload of Hacks is needed the most importend Thing is to stay organised. So this Tutorial will help you also to keep your Stuff in Order.
It leads you - Step by Step - through the creation of a new Neighbouthood on the Example of my Custom Neighbourhood Sinford. If this is your first attempt with a custom Neighbourhood - I recomand - follow this Tutorial strict, before your make one of your own taste.
Clik the Links on the left from top to bottom and follow the setup. There is no magic - also beginners can do this.
What is Sinford?

Sinford ist my custom Neighbourhood - Specialy designed for the needs of adult-sims2 play.

Sinford is placed on a magical tropical Island. This Island ist owned by Heff Hugner.
Heff baught the Island 15 years ago since he came in conflict with the law for his work as publisher of the Magazines "Woohoo Girl" & "Barely Legal Woohoo Girl".

This Island is populated by Heff, the Models of the Magazines, some Employees of Heff and some of his special Guests.

The Magic of this Island makes everybody stay young, beautifull and in the Mood for Love an Fun.

Please read this carefully and have phun with your new Experience of Sims 2

Week 10
02nd - 08th March 2014 Classic Pinup Maid Outfit Week 07
10th - 16th February 2014 Classic Pinup Maid Outfit Classic Pinup Teen Sims