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Welcome to the Sims 2 Classic Pinup & Classic Pinup Teen Resource

The Site that makes Sims 2 Bodyshapes playable.
What is this all about?

In 2007 Dr. Pixel - with "Well Rounded Sims" - and Warlokk - with Classic Pinup, Rio & the Bodyshape Project - , started to give the Sims 2 Female new - and better - Shapes. From the Beginning Simmers wanted to get rid of the ugly Sims, that came with the Game.

New Hair, new Clothing, new Skins, Eyecolors and Makeup came in every Game.

BUT Bodyshapes - that give the Sims a better Shape - are still NOT Part of every Game.
Why ist this so?

The Main Reasons Not To Play With Bodyshapes:
  • People dont know how this works, and wich Files they need.
  • There are so little Clothing Items around, that you can not play em like the Maxis Shape
  • The few Items around have neighter a Fat-Morph or a Pegnant-Morph or are flagged as Maternity
  • Most of the custom stuff is not genetizised and works not with the sims genetic System
So - To fix these problems all at one time, is the goal of this Site!

Realy? A new Sins 2 Site?

Don't I know Sims 4 is coming? Yeah - I know.
But I have not liked Sims 3. Not only because the Sims look like Pudding.

They interact different, the old charme is gone somehow.
And the Hacks are not that complex and good as in TS2. Many old Modders are gone or do not TS3.

And I do not expect Sims 4 to be different. So I will play TS2 - Best Sims Game ever.

It not interacts with the Internet, it runs fast on new Computers and the Sims are lovely, interact socialy and romantic with ACR, can have real Sex autonomously with Chris Hatches wonderfull mods.
  • MESHES 4 CP Online: 307
  • MESHES 4 CP Teen Online: 307
  • Textures/Recolors: 2657
  • Skintones 4 CP& CP-Teen: 50
  • Sims: 127

This Site is updated every Weekend. All Files are free!
Warlokk for his outstanding Bodyshape.
Bloom for his Sexyfeet and many usefull Comments to some Tutorials.
the mystical one for all his Pregnant Morphs 4 the MAXIS Meshes & his Tutorial how to use the Poser Magnets
BeosBoxBoy for all his very usefull Tutorials
SimPE Team for their great Editor Software.
WesHowe for his Milkshape Plugins.
Miche & Delphi for the MeshTool
Dr Pixel for Bodyshop Mechanic and many usefull Stuff and Tutorials.
The Team of B.A.S. for beeing so cheerfull when I first started this project.

All the other are mentioned and credited in the Details of the Files. Hope there nonone will be forgotten.
Mod The Sims my favorite Website.

There are still so many good Sims Sites around. I'm doin a big linklist some day.

Week 10
02nd - 08th March 2014 Classic Pinup Maid Outfit Week 07
10th - 16th February 2014 Classic Pinup Maid Outfit Classic Pinup Teen Sims